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Book Launch News! Plus 5 Reasons to Get the Kindle Version AND the Paperback

Updated: May 29, 2020

Today is the official Amazon launch of my new book, The Email Cemetery -- Where Bad Sales Emails Go to Die & How to Resuscitate Yours.

The book is based on real examples of what not to do in your sales communications, and what to do instead. My goal is to provide a helpful and entertaining guide to improving sales emails, fostering meaningful conversations, and creating a better process for all involved. Looking at the hundreds of people who opted-in to the virtual launch party invitation, the idea seems to resonate.

For the launch, I'm encouraging everyone to download the digital version of the book in addition to buying the paperback edition. To make this easier, the Kindle version is only 99-cents today! Yes, it does help increase my chances of getting to bestseller status in a variety of categories today. As a good steward of my own teachings, it can't be all about me though, right?

Here are five reasons why you want to get the Kindle (digital) version, even if your typical preference would be just to buy the paperback version today:

  1. Easier reference. Having a digital copy will allow you easy access to the email best practices from any device from which you’d be sending emails. At a conference trying to figure out the best way to follow up with the other attendees but don't have the paperback book with you? No problem!

  2. Instant gratification. Using Amazon Prime could get the paperback version of the book in your hands by Friday. That's pretty good! Know what's better? Getting it right now! Just a couple of clicks, and voila!

  3. Examples you can use. This book includes several recommended word tracks and example text that you can customize to make your own. The digital version gives you the ability to highlight specific text, then copy, paste, and edit at will.

  4. Help more people. In getting both the paperback and the digital version, you will help make this a bestseller which helps me and lots of other people who are currently struggling with their sales emails.

  5. Get a great deal. It’s only 99-cents for the launch, then will go up to the regular Kindle price of $5.99. All in for both the paperback and the Kindle, you're looking at about $16. If there is one piece of advice in this book that helps you move the needle on just one sale, is that worth more than $16?

Even if you're not in sales, but maybe you roll your eyes or gag a little every time someone sends you an awful email, you'll enjoy this book. And who knows? Maybe you can help some of those people with a few handy tips or a link to the book? Go get it! Thanks in advance, and I look forward to your feedback on The Email Cemetery -- Where Bad Sales Emails Go to Die & How to Resuscitate Yours.


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