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Small Things Done: Everyday Gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving in America. Even though I've worked with businesses globally for nearly two decades, the geographic distinction didn't fully occur to me until my sister moved to Dublin, Ireland.

I remember asking her, "Do you guys have big plans for the Thanksgiving holiday?"

To which she aptly replied, "Yeah... um... that's not really a thing here." Duh. Silly me.

Thanksgiving is definitely a thing here. While it has already strayed pretty far from its historical reference point, any day that celebrates gratitude, togetherness, and stretchy pants works for me.

However, I'm especially struck this year by how much consumer culture has taken over what could be a really cool holiday concept. As someone who usually my emails (even really bad sales emails), this week has been one giant delete fest. Black Friday on Monday. Monday madness. Best deals ever. Buy now.

It's too much. I just can't even.

So let's get back to GRATITUDE, shall we?

The idea of being thankful every day instead of one day isn't a new concept. Oprah probably did a show about it a long time ago. The quandary is how to put it into action.

Here are three quick inspirations of small ways people I know express gratitude on a more consistent basis. Stretchy pants are optional.

  1. 📎📎 One of my CEO clients starts his day with two specific paperclips on the left side of his desk. When he sends a heartfelt 'Thank You' to someone, he moves one of the paperclips to the right side of his desk. He doesn't leave the office until he has moved both 'gratitude paperclips'.

  2. 📱 A woman I met at a conference told me that she keeps a daily gratitude journal where she writes just one thing or person she's grateful for each day and why. This is the best part: she also texts screen shots of her gratitude journal entries to the people she writes about.

  3. 😍 My friend Valerie recently told me, "If you send one 'Thank You' card every day, it will change your life." Currently, I'm experimenting with using Send Out Cards (with whom I have no fiduciary relationship). It seems amazing, so I'll let you know how that goes.

What are other small, consistent expressions of gratitude you've put into place or heard of others doing?

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