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The Firewalk Sales Story: Hot Coals to a Cool New Brand

This post is for everyone who may be wondering how I came up with "Firewalk Sales" for the name of my sales advisory firm and sales training school for solopreneurs.

In 2018, I signed up for an intense personal development retreat on a complete leap of faith. Based solely on testimonials that it would be “life-changing,” I arrived at a remote camp in California ready to take my self-leadership to the next level. No technology. No real connection to the outside world. Lots of strangers. Faith and trust.

One of the things that makes the camp so powerful is the element of surprise. As such, it’s an unwritten rule not to talk about what happens there with anyone who hasn’t experienced it personally. Think of it as the Fight Club of personal development retreats.

Suffice it to say that my reaction to most activities that week was, “Aw, hell no.” There was ugly crying and a few expletives. Comfort zone? I did things that weren't even in my comfort universe.

On the last evening, (spoiler alert), my group found out that a 30-foot firewalk was next on the agenda. We started by parading around the gigantic bonfire that was to be the “mother” of the scorching path. Almost everyone started freaking out.

Somehow, I felt incredibly calm. I thought, “Of course this is what I’m going to do now. I’m going to walk on fire. I’m Charlene Ignites. What could be more natural?” The ancient ritual called to me, and I volunteered to be one of the first walkers.

According to the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, “The earliest known reference to firewalking dates to 1200 B.C. The oldest recorded firewalk was over 4000 years ago in India.” Either way, it's been around a while.

Tolly Burkan, not Tony Robbins, is considered to be the founding father of the modern firewalking movement. While Tony Robbins may be well known for firewalking in his seminars, he is just one of thousands of expert guides around the world. The capable team who took me through the transformational experience was clearly very well trained as well.

Upon returning from the retreat, I described my powerful firewalking experience to one of my clients. He said, “That must have been terrifying and painful.”

“Actually,” I replied, “It was surprisingly fun and easy.”

On the spot, I outlined ten steps for having a successful firewalk:

  1. Get your mind right.

  2. Listen to your expert guide.

  3. Ensure you have the correct materials.

  4. Proclaim your intentions with clarity, confidence, and conviction.

  5. Believe in the science.

  6. Walk, don’t rush, and don’t stop until you are fully through the finish line.

  7. Use the love and support all around you to make the experience better.

  8. Focus your attention on the receiver.

  9. Wipe your feet, and clear away any annoying tidbits.

  10. Celebrate!

My client looked at me, chuckled slightly, and said, “Ya know…. That sounds a lot like how you’ve been teaching us to sell.”

It was an epiphany! He was right on. My mission is all about helping business builders who see sales as difficult, a little scary, and kinda painful. Many of them would rather walk on flaming hot coals than make a cold call. Yet, they want the growth. They want the transformation. They are ready to take the leap of faith to learn the mindset, message, and method that will take them to the next level.

That’s what this brand extension of Charlene Ignites, LLC is all about.

Introducing Firewalk Sales. Real. Easy. Powerful.

Is growing your business painful and scary? Check it out, then book your free, helpful consult so we can see what's up.


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