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Personal & Professional Success in 2018: Two Questions to Ask

Updated: May 29, 2020

If you’re an ambitious, enlightened business builder (hail to my people!), no doubt you’re focused on how to take it up a notch in 2018. You may be looking back on 2017 with a personal perspective that’s not necessarily what you presented at the strategic offsite, team wrap-up, or advisory board meeting. Personal and professional growth are always winding around one another like sprouting vines. Still, the intersection of one year to the next is fertilized with deep reflection and strategic projection. While much of my work focuses on cultivating revenue growth (people, pitch, process), I also prompt my clients and audiences to look inward with two important questions:

  1. Am I creating the experience of a life that I look forward to living every day?

  2. Am I being the person I most want to be in my values, thoughts, words, and actions?

On some level, these aren’t difficult questions. Create a life you love and be a person worthy of living it. Work offers ripe opportunities to enhance and embody both of these things. Yet, many business builders get bogged down by the day-to-day grind, fuzzy strategic goals, and tactical lack of focus. It’s too easy to become a victim of your own brilliance. As we climb this beanstalk and step out of the clouds into 2018, enter with intention. Wake up each day with a clear view into what your ideal life looks and feels like. Think, decide, speak, and act the way you know reflects your core self at its best. Ultimately, you determine the quality of both your work and your life. Make it good. Need help? Schedule a free consultation today! # # # #2018 #success #goals #personaldevelopment

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