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You are amazing. And guess 

You have the potential to be even more amazing. There may be people or companies who "do" what you do or "sell" what you sell, but there is only one YOU. Likewise, my approach and ability to help you is unique.

My mission is to help professionals and organizations grow!

     * CEO's & Business Owners:
        Private Peer Advisory Group & 1:1 Coaching in Partnership with Vistage International

     * Business Leaders, Sales Professionals & Teams: 
        High-Potential Coaching, Strategic Planning, Integrated Marketing & Events

     * Conference & Meeting Organizers: 
        Speaking (Keynote or Workshop Format) & Solutions-Oriented Meeting Facilitation

Whether I am working with an individual leader or a whole organization, I help identify or clarify the goals and then bring life to the most effective path towards those outcomes. Often this starts with a highly effective, solutions-focused meeting. Based on client needs, I am available to be an impartial moderator, lively speaker with relevant content, or actively involved strategic consultant and coach. 

I welcome the opportunity to inspire you, light a fire under your (and your team's) butt if you need it, and shine the path forward towards sustainable success.

Please contact me  for a confidential consultation about your goals and how I may best serve you.

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For CEOs Only


In partnership with Vistage International, a unique Leadership Program:

  • Local peer advisory board of non-competing CEOs.
  • Professionally facilitated, action-oriented group meetings & 1:1 coaching.
  • Access to executive network of 19,000 members globally.
  • Proven path to grow your business at 2X the rate of a non-Vistage company.
  • Work ON your business, not just IN your business.


High-potential coaching for individuals and companies:

  • Are you trying to figure out how to achieve and sustain peak performance, for yourself and/or your team?
  • Need help prioritizing and setting goals?
  • Have goals but not sure where to start?
  • Know where to start but need a plan?
  • Have a plan but looking for more motivation and accountability?


An entertaining speaker to inspire any size audience:

  • Dynamic, interactive workshops for your meeting, conference, or retreat.
  • Energetic and unique content for any business or association agenda.
  • Professional meeting facilitation focused on solutions & action plans.
  • Commitment to avoiding "death by PowerPoint."
  • Specialty in helping people deal with change, overcome obstacles, and achieve peak performance.


Confidence & Capacity: Meeting Keith Ferrazzi

A few years ago, thanks to a kind invitation by a friend at the University of Phoenix, I attended a VIP reception in the heart of the French Quarter, New Orleans. The guest of honor was Keith Ferrazzi, best-selling author and networking guru.

If I were writing this in "flash forward" form where the story starts with something that actually happens at the end, I’d have to borrow a certain Saturday Night Live skit.Maybe you’ve seen it: A nervous, hyper, sweaty Chris Farley (R.I.P.) is interviewing Paul McCartney. Farley approaches the star McCartney with such brilliance as, “Remember when you were, like, with the Beatles? That was so awesome. Yeah!”

Throughout the encounter he hits himself in the head ala I could have had a V8, grips his hair in anguish and mourns, “UGH! That was SO stupid! What was I thinking? Stupid stupid, stupid!”

So there’s some foreshadowing for you. But let me start from the beginning…