You are a solo entrepreneur or a sales representative of a larger company. If you own the business, you don't have a team, so you need to learn how to efficiently and effectively sell your own products and services. Your hopes, dreams, and livelihood depend on it.  If you're working for someone else, there's also a lot at stake. 

You may be feeling anxious, excited, overwhelmed, afraid, hopeful, motivated, and stuck... all at the same time! You believe strongly in your products and services, and have a deep desire to help others. Yet, that caring spirit might actually be a major factor in what's holding you back. You could also do with a renewed spark of confidence!

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Learn how to grow your business in a way that feels true to the helper in you:

Firewalk Sales School is an online, self-paced course focused on helping you get better at sales without ever feeling "salesy." 

How do you get over feeling uncomfortable reaching out and following up? What do you say? How can you organize your systems and time to stick with it in the long term?


Work through key modules in a way that is real, easy, and powerful:

  • Mindset | WHY​​

    • ​Why You're Not Bothering Anyone: Overcoming the Head Trash

    • Why They Need You: Deeply Understanding Your Ideal Client

    • Why You're In Business: Internalizing Your Real Mission

  • Message | WHAT

    • What to Say: Making Sales Calls​

    • What to Write: Sending Sales Emails

    • What to Post: Maximizing Social Media for Sales

  • Method | HOW

    • How to Keep Prospects from "Ghosting" You: The #1 Rule​

    • How to Keep Track of Your Outreach: Pipeline Management

    • How to Get the First Meeting: Zero to Interest

    • How to Structure Your Proposals: Interest to Consideration

    • How to Overcome Objections: Consideration to Close

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The online course option is for you if this sounds like you:

  • you want to make more money

  • you know you need help getting better at sales

  • you like to work at your own pace 

  • you are self-motivated

  • you are working your business part-time, or

  • you have a limited budget

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Customized One-to-One Coaching Packages

One-to-One Coaching with Charlene is now being offered to select entrepreneurs and sales reps who are open-minded and fully committed. 

Your coaching experience will be customized to your situation, blockers, and goals. You may not feel you have any clue about sales. Even if you have experience, there's something holding you back from being as successful as your capable.


Via Zoom, we will work together on key areas which will improve your sales approach, boost your confidence, and make you more money!

  • Mindset 

    • ​Overcome head trash and tap into your personal core values

    • Deep dive into the psychographic of your ideal customer

  • Message

    • What to write on emails and in direct messaging

    • What to say on the phone and at networking events

  • Method 

    • How to sound like yourself, instead of a scripted robot

    • How to get the right process and actually follow it

Given limited availability, there must be a good mutual fit and you must be open to a high level of accountability.


Schedule your free session to check it out and get some quick tips!

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The one-to-one option is for you if this sounds like you:

  • you want to make a lot more money

  • you know you need help getting better at sales

  • you are willing to work harder and smarter for real results

  • you are self-motivated but also need accountability

  • you are working your business full-time

  • you are budget conscious but willing to invest to get growth

"Every interaction I've had with Charlene was met with her infectious joy and enthusiasm. It's apparent that she lives what she teaches and sells. Her sales course helped me look at my mindset in regards to sales and how I approach my clients. I'll be revisiting her techniques for many years!"

Marylena Sevigney, 
Chief Solution Officer, Mindful Making & Design