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Have fun meeting the residents of The Email Cemetery, learn from their mistakes, and watch your sales grow!


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Wondering why your sales prospects keep ghosting you? Want your sales outreach and your revenue goals to come alive? Want to sanity-check your email habits to see if you’re at risk of becoming a sales zombie? 

The Email Cemetery lets you dig deep into sales emails – written by real entrepreneurs and salespeople – that died on the way to their prospect’s inbox.

Professional sales trainer and growth guide, Charlene DeCesare, holds your hand and safely guides you through the headstones within The Email Cemetery. You will sift through complete email postmortems, discover how to self-diagnose your email persona, and learn what it will take to get your emails – and your sales goals – off life support.

Through a balance of wit and expertise, you'll learn:

         * The most common email mistakes, categorized by 8 personas 

         * Exactly where these email cemetery residents went wrong

         * A quick checklist of symptoms to see if you might be at risk

         * Advice for email resuscitation so your sales numbers don’t flat-line

Avoid the email apocalypse before it’s too late! Let Charlene expertly lead you step by step through The Email Cemetery and show you how to give your email outreach much needed CPR!

Is your sales future at risk?


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About the Author

Charlene DeCesare, CSL

Charlene "Ignites" DeCesare has been a trusted advisor to leaders and organizations around the world for more than 25 years. As CEO of Charlene Ignites, LLC and Founder of Firewalk Sales, she specializes in making sales fun and easy for all involved. Prior to building her own brand, Charlene helped grow several successful businesses, ranging in size from start up to multibillion-dollar organizations. Charlene has a B.S. in Communications from Emerson College and an M.B.A. in Sales & Marketing from Rivier University. She is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, a Nationally Certified Brain-Based Success Coach, and a Certified Sales Leader (CSL).

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