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Leveraging my more than two decades of growing multi-million dollar businesses, your audience will get REAL, FUN, POWERFUL insights and information. Key topics focus on the mindset, message, and method to grow personally and professionally as a business owner, leader, and/or individual contributor.

While Charlene fits well in the rare category of "female sales speaker," sustainable revenue growth is multi-faceted. Sales, marketing, leadership, and team all need to work in lock-step. Regardless of topic or venue, Charlene will energize, educate, and engage your audience. 

Let's create the best experience possible for your attendees:

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Live Events

You know that when you get a group together for a live event these days, it has to be a totally worthwhile experience. Nobody wants to travel and gather just to fall asleep in their chairs! With engaging activities depending on group size, Charlene will get everyone laughing, learning, and inspired to take action.

  • Industry or association meetings

  • Special client events

  • Sales and marketing team meetings

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Live and Recorded
Virtual Events

You need a Zoom speaker or trainer who is going to maximize the available tools, provide engaging content, and keep everyone energized. What once was a novelty is at risk of being a drudgery without a dynamic speaker on the screen. Charlene won't let you down!

  • Certified Virtual Presenter

  • Zoom enterprise account holder

  • Breakout rooms, chat, polls, annotations, whiteboard, and more!


2020 Speaker Preview Reel
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Most Popular Program

How to Stay Out of the Email Cemetery

Wondering why your prospects keep ghosting you? Want to sanity-check your email habits? Do you wonder how you can even reach out to new people without sounding like a sales zombie, especially right now?

Through a balance of wit and expertise, Charlene will cover:


  • A few of the most common email mistakes, categorized by personas such as The Egomaniac, The Apologizer, The Overwhelmer, The Order Taker, The Used Car Salesman, The Corny Cornball & the Bridge Burner

  • Exactly where sales emails (and these "email cemetery residents") tend to go wrong

  • A quick checklist of symptoms to see if you might be at risk

  • Advice for email resuscitation so your numbers don't flat-line


Avoid the email apocalypse before it's too late! Let Charlene expertly lead you step by step through The Email Cemetery and show you how to give your email outreach much needed CPR!

Other Popular Topics:
  • The Art of Sales
  • Why Prospects Go Into the 'Black Hole' and What to Do About It
  • Self-Leadership: Success from the Inside Out

"Charlene is a very engaging and experienced speaker. She has a natural ability to connect with her audience and capture their attention to deliver 'the message' with energy and humor."
- Terry LaPointe, VP of Client Services at Summit Healthcare

for an All-Company Annual Meeting Offsite

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