When we work together, it's not really about me. It's about you. That said, here are the categories of people who usually gain the most value from working with me (and how):

Founders | Owners | CEOs

You have brought your business so far, and now you're ready to take it to the next level. You may have investors or other advisors, and likely at least one dedicated sales rep (but less than 10). Still, you need help. You want to make sure business isn't falling through the cracks. You'd benefit from more consistent, effective messaging and a better sales process. You want to grow more quickly and continue to scale over time. You're open-minded, smart, and ambitious. While the money is important, you truly care about the people involved -- your team, your clients, and your family.

We'll work together using the Firewalk Sales System which works through Mindset, Message, and Method. Get massive growth, a highly engaged team, and amazing client relationships. We'll assess your unique situation, then provide the right mix of consulting, training, and coaching.

Entrepreneurs | Solo Business Builders

Working for yourself is awesome. Working by yourself sucks. There was a reason you went into business for yourself, and it probably wasn't because you love to sell stuff. While you've had some success and have much bigger dreams, you're still in the building stages financially. Although your products and/or services are awesome, you're not as confident with sales outreach and follow up as you'd like. You also definitely don't want to come across as "icky salesy." 

You'd benefit most by signing up for Firewalk Sales School. This fun and easy virtually-led sales course will give you the clarity, confidence, and knowledge you need to take your business to the next level at a very reasonable investment.

Meeting Planners | Event Organizers

Your clients and reputation depend on you to book great speakers. While you represent some amazing companies, associations, and conferences, ultimately you're representing yourself. Your job isn't easy. You simply cannot afford to book a bad speaker. You want someone who is going to engage and interact with an audience; no "Death by PowerPoint.'  In this case, your ideal speaker knows a LOT about how to grow a successful business. You need someone who has proven themselves as a subject-matter expert with more than two decades in the trenches of sales, marketing, and leadership. You want someone who can motivate and inspire, in addition to providing more tactical takeaways. Providing real value is important to you. You have enough stress in your life. The right speaker will take away some of it, never add to it.

Book "Charlene Ignites" for your next business keynote or breakout session. Let's talk about your needs in more detail! Reach out by phone or email, so we can discuss your needs further. You will likely also want additional information such as references, videos, presentation summary, bio, headshots, etc. In the meantime, check out my Speaking page.

Learning & Development | Program Managers

Your company or association depends on you to provide education for members, leaders and staff on a regular basis. They may be short training sessions in the regular course of business, or an offsite retreat (or conference) as a massive project. You may have been asked to find a trainer on a specific topic in a specific time slot. Or, you may even have a whole agenda to fill. With everyone's time being precious, the training has to be relevant and truly useful. Still, you don't want to bore the pants off them. You need help with something in sales, marketing, leadership, and/or communication. Within each of these, there might be specific training objectives or it might be more broad. The ideal speaker knows a lot about curriculum design and adapting to a variety of learning styles.

You are probably in the right place! Let's talk about whether "Charlene Ignites" is indeed the right fit for your organization. Reach out by phone or email, so we can discuss your needs further. You will likely also want additional information such as references, videos, presentation summary, bio, headshots, etc. In the meantime, check out my Speaking page.


I've had the great honor of working with some rockstar companies (like you!) Here are a few of them. Check them out!



  • Boardroom Events - VP Marketing & Sales

  • Bright Horizons, Inc. - Senior Director, Sales

  • Gartner, Inc. - Global Director, Strategic Accounts

  • Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) -  Regional Director, Business Development

  • Rhythms at Rainbow Beach, USVI - Owner

  • Tuition Advisory Services - Co-founder

  • Vistage - CEO Coach & Approved Speaker

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