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UPDATE: As of January 1, 2022, Charlene is not accepting new clients.
Please email for a qualified referral.

You are the CEO and/or Founder of a small to midsize business. Your business is focused on selling high-value services or products which require a relationship-based approach. You may have worked with "typical consultants" in the past, and felt like you spent big money for small results.


My energy, experience, and approach is about revenue growth that is aligned with core values. Together, we will roll up our sleeves to get everything and everyone in your sales organization to be more effective. We will also make sure that sales and marketing are working in lock-step. We'll get everyone powerfully connected to those you serve, and remove any head trash along the way.

Prior Services [Not accepting new clients as of January 1, 2022]

Charlene Ignites sales

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1:1 Coaching with Sales Reps & Owners

This is for you if you have big goals you're trying to achieve and you believe you have the potential to get there. Yet, you're not quite sure you can get there alone.


Experience energizing and intuitive coaching through a very hands-on and result- oriented approach.

Whether we work together weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, we will deep dive into three key areas associated with scalable and sustainable sales success:

  • Mindset: internalizing value, removing head trash, and addressing individual issues such as focus, procrastination, and prioritization

  • Message: improving emails, phone calls, proposals, and LinkedIn

  • Method: preparation, sales process, momentum, and accountability

Let's create success for you on multiple dimensions: hours, emotions, relationships, and dollars!

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Small Group Sales Training Workshops
5 Things Salespeople Can Say Instead of I'm just following up....png

This is for you if you are looking for some quick tips and tricks plus a spark of motivation. Learn how to keep your emails out of the 'Email Cemetery' so that you can attract, engage, and win more sales prospects.


Typically delivered through Zoom, these highly interactive workshops focus on the mindset, message, and method needed to get and keep your prospects engaged:

  • Four key principles that work (and feel) much better than 'scripts'

  • How to craft an opening line that makes a prospect keep reading

  • Subject lines, calls to action, and other best practices

In addition to being more effective, what you learn in this workshop will also FEEL better to you as sellers.

Although you can certainly include marketing (and other roles) in these workshops, this is for sales.


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If you prefer, contact me directly using the contact information below.
Here are some nice words from happy clients:

"We've increased our sales by 81% since working with Charlene. She helped us build a sales process, hire competent staff to execute it, prioritize our strategic objectives, and transform the way we articulate our value."  
Dale Bertrand, President & Founder of Fire&Spark

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