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5 Reasons Your Book Isn't Written Yet

Updated: May 29, 2020

Have you ever said the words, “I’ve always wanted to write a book about…” or “People have told me I should write a book…”? If you are a speaker, coach, or entrepreneur, the chances are that “Write my book!” has been on your to-do list for a while now. So, why isn’t it done?

Here are five possible reasons, and the secrets to overcoming them:

  1. TIME. Many people associate writing a book with endless hours sitting alone in a room, plucking away at a keyboard. Even worse, you imagine trying to do it when you’re not alone; the phone is ringing, people are asking you questions, and clients are waiting. Here’s the secret: You have the time. It’s just that because writing a book feels like an overwhelming and stressful task, you’re not prioritizing it.

  2. MOUNT EVEREST. Admit it: When someone tells you they wrote a book, you’re impressed. In your mind, they have accomplished a huge feat! Then, they tell you they have two books… or seven! Are you also a little jealous? Here’s the secret: You don’t need a Sherpa to write a book. It doesn’t need to be difficult. The reason people who write books have more than one is because they figured this out.

  3. PERFECTION. With the first two reasons creating all kinds of head trash, you are expecting to get hit with the perfect amount of motivation and inspiration to get going. You are waiting for the perfect time and the perfect way to find and tell your story. Here’s the secret: There is no perfect. If you need a friendly knock on the head, this is it. You just have to do it. You have to be willing to be (gasp!) imperfect. The most important step is figuring out what you want to say and then getting the words out of your head, even if it’s what Anne Lamott calls, “a shitty first draft.”

  4. FEAR. Even when you’ve come up with a story (or an inkling) that has already been validated by friends, family, and clients, you worry. What if nobody likes your story? What if someone has already written it? What if you sound stupid? What if nobody reads it? Here’s the secret: You don’t write a book for anyone but yourself. Sure, you want to help the world and get your message out there. At the core though, it’s a labor of love for yourself. It’s about your journey and your unique voice.

  5. THE WRITING. You may be thinking that in order to write a book, you have to know how to…um…write. While everyone has a story, not everyone is a natural “writer.” Here’s the secret: Your job is to find the story you want to tell. After that, there are lots of ways to get a book written and edited. With technology today, you don’t even have to type. If you have a Gmail account, check out the new "speak to type" feature on Google docs.

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