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Someone Needs You NOW

It's pretty common for me to get distracted from the intended message when I'm watching a fellow professional speaker in action. Particularly at conferences like the one I just attended, there's just so much talent out there. When I go back and look at my notes, there are as many bullets about platform skills as anything else.

There are other times when the message sticks in my brain like an earworm from an old song. Most recently, this gift was from Orlando Bowen. His story of being assaulted, framed, and acquitted is incredible. His overall message of getting off the sidelines and being a game-changer is even more powerful.

An emotional plea he heard after giving a motivational talk at a prison keeps playing over and over in my head. One of the inmates cried accusingly, "Where were you, man?"

The implication seemed to be that if this young man had heard Orlando's words sooner, he might not have made the choices that landed him in prison. It's a heavy burden to place, and maybe unfair. Since starting to share his story, Orlando has positively impacted thousands of people and no doubt changed the path for many.

Still, please think about this: Someone needs you right now.

Another human being is making a choice in their life or business on which you could have made a positive impact. What a shame if perfectionism, procrastination, fear, or laziness got in the way of you being there for them.

You have a gift. Someone needs that gift. They need it now. You aren't "bugging" them by sharing it. You won't serve them by waiting until you're ready or comfortable.

Listen to that tiny voice within that is telling you, "I'm on to something here. I know stuff. I have great ideas. I have talent. I can help people." Let that spark grow.

It's not about the world doing you favors to bring you out into it. Everything is already perfectly aligned to help you, whether you know it or not. You just have to get out of your own way.

The world needs you. What are you waiting for? Go.

If you need more motivation to get out there and do what the world needs you to do, follow me on Facebook. If you are in sales or running a business, and need more specific help -- contact me.

Let's light that spark!

# # #

PS: If you catch any writing errors, please refer to my post about decommitting to perfectionism.

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