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Sales Success: 15 Ways for Affirmation to Meet Action

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

As a sales trainer with RAIN Group, I spend several hours each week teaching salespeople how to prospect, communicate, negotiate, and close deals. For many, learning the processes and tactics is the easy part.

The bigger issue is that business builders have a lot of head trash. Ironically, the people who struggle most are those who offer unquestionable value and have the deepest desire to help others.

Ultimately, it's a balance of mindset and skill. It’s not enough to learn more tips and tricks without the confidence to use them. At the same time, it is futile to repeat mantras in the hopes of attracting positive outcomes, without doing the stuff that is going to get the job done.

This is why I created the Sales Success card deck. These beautiful affirmation cards provide simple declarations and reminders that are both positive and practical: Law of Attraction meets effective action.

Here are 15 ways to use your Sales Success Affirmation Cards:

1. Daily draw. At the start of your work day, pick a card and repeat what it says several times. Set your intention. Make a proactive effort towards internalizing and materializing whatever the card says.

2. Pre-call support. Shuffle through a few cards before you jump into a prospect or client meeting. Leverage the cards for greater confidence plus reminders towards an ideal outcome.

3. Prospecting push. Scan the deck for a few cards that speak to what usually holds you back from reaching out or following up. Block prospecting time on your calendar, and have those cards handy. When the time comes, read the cards again, and GO.

4. Getting "unstuck.” Any time of day you’re feeling afraid, not motivated, or otherwise stuck, start flipping until one of the cards sparks something for you. Take it in and ignite your inner fire!

5. Peer group support tool. Use the deck in a peer group or mastermind session. Have each person go through their deck and choose the card(s) that addresses what they most need to work on. Question, listen, explore, and help each other.

6. Team conversation starter. Pick a card as an ice breaker. Ask each person to comment on what it means to them, what they’ve already overcome, and where they may still need help. 7. Journaling for clarity. Pick a card and set a timer for five minutes. Start writing whatever comes to mind. Try not to edit your thoughts too much. When time is up, you can stop, investigate the same idea further, or pick another card.

8. Stress relief. Repeating mantras can be incredibly relaxing. Include these declarations and reminders in your meditation practice or keep it more informal. Breathe in counts of four as you repeat each one.

9. Ask a question. Use the cards for specific guidance to a business challenge you’re currently experiencing. Or, you can simply ask, “What do I need to know right now?”

10. Share with others. Feel free to give some cards away. It’s okay to break up the deck! For example, some cards will resonate with you and some won’t. Your “meh” pile might be someone else’s saving grace.

11. Visual inspiration. Tape your favorite cards to your whiteboard, the side of your monitor, or elsewhere in your office. Have fun decorating!

12. Social media prompt. Use your favorite cards as visual inspiration on any platform, team page, or online support group. (Be sure to mention @charleneignites, if you please.)

13. Education minute. Many networking groups dedicate time in weekly meetings for quick best practices. Share a ‘Top 10’ based on which cards you think will be most useful to your group. Or, pick one card and do a deeper dive.

14. Focus and fidget. These cards have special tactile qualities. You can shuffle, fan, and feel your way through long conference calls or other situations where you aren’t an active participant, but can’t afford to zone out.

15. Keep it simple. Pick a card and read it out loud. Even if it’s one card a day or one card a week, it will help you over time.

It will always serve you to focus on small things done over great things planned.

COMING SOON! In addition, there will also be a companion workbook published this fall that will walk you through each affirmation step-by-step. You'll be able to do the deeper work that might be needed to make the statements and tips more real and/or achievable. (Be sure to subscribe so that you get release updates.)

In the meantime, you may schedule a free consult with me anytime. Let's chat!




PS: Here's the link to watch a video with more tips, and buy the cards! Want to buy multiple decks for your sales team, co-workers, or friends? Ask me about bulk discounts!

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