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Success: You Are Closer Than You Think

Updated: May 25, 2020

This past Sunday, I was bringing my daughter to a friend's house when my husband called and asked me to stop at the grocery store on the way home. It wasn't ideal for me as I was wearing pajamas... I mean... workout clothes, and my hair was still pink from attending ComicCon with my kids the day before. "Just a few things," he said. "It won't take long," he said.

One hour and a full cart later, I get to the grocery store checkout only to realize that I have left my wallet in the purse I used for ComicCon. A line has formed behind me. I am officially the crazy lady in old sweats, pink hair, and no money. The clerk agrees to "hold" my order.

As I jump in the car, options swirl in my head. Ugh. How long will it take me to race home, and then go back? Should I abandon the trip? Is it too early to start drinking? Finally, I call home. My husband suggests that he meet me along the route. Genius. We connect midway; I get my wallet, and the grocery order is saved.

What struck me most about that experience was the calm I felt once I knew my husband was bridging the distance between me and what I needed to complete my mission.

Every entrepreneur I have ever met has described a point in their venture when they thought of quitting. They made mistakes. The distance seemed too great. They felt overwhelmed and alone.

I've been there as well.

Long before the Great Grocery Incident of 2015, I created a mantra that helped me build businesses and make other dreams come true as well: "As I am moving towards my goals, they are also coming towards me."

The view is not always clear. Along the path to success, there are points where we simply have to believe. While putting in the necessary time and work, we must also have confidence in the unseen forces that are working on our behalf. These are the things that put us in the right place at the right time, suddenly connect us with the perfect resource, present us with "out of the blue" opportunities, and remind us why we simply can't give up.

It's conspiracy, not coincidence.

Reading this, you may be an entrepreneur feeling the overwhelming pressure of a seemingly far away goal. Remember that as you are moving closer to your mission, it is also coming towards you. Enjoy the journey, read the signs presented to you along the way, and accept help. You are closer than you think.

Alternatively, you may be a person who is capable of bridging the gap for someone else. If you get a gut instinct to help someone, do it. Even if you're not sure why. If you're inspired by someone trying to pave a difficult path, let them know.

In both cases, your thoughts and words have power. Believe in yourself and in others. Increased confidence brings increased capacity.

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